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Durli Leathers at the Forefront of Traceability: Launch of COTI in the Legal Amazon

Durli Leathers at the forefront of traceability

At Durli Leathers, we are leading a revolutionary initiative to promote sustainable cattle ranching in the Legal Amazon. In partnership with committed companies such as Frigorífico Rio Maria, Frigorífico Frigol, Niceplanet Assessoria em Conformidade, SBCert and the consultancy Green Level Environment Strategy, we are taking significant steps towards a more sustainable future. Durli Leathers at the forefront of Individual Traceability.

Individual Traceability for Sustainability

With the Individual Traceability and Indirect Monitoring Program (PRIMI), we certify the meat and leather chain as deforestation-free. This initiative promotes sustainability and ensures health safety through the individual traceability of cattle, using blockchain technology for transparency and reliability.

COTI: Sustainable Livestock Expansion

The launch of COTI (Certified Origin Traceability Implementation Initiative) marks a new chapter in our commitment to sustainable livestock farming. External funding will boost the project that began in July 2023, with the voluntary participation of 40 farms and more than 113,000 animals already traced. With additional resources, we hope to reach 200,000 traced animals by January 2024.

Consumer Confidence: Deforestation Free

Ivens Domingos, sustainability manager at Durli Leathers, points out: "This whole process gives brands and the end consumer the guarantee that the cattle did not come from properties involved in cases of deforestation, invasion of indigenous lands, protected or embargoed areas and forced or child labor." With the European Union demanding these guarantees from 2025, we are at the forefront of global compliance.

Towards a Sustainable Future for Livestock Farming

Roberto Paulinelli, director of Rio Maria Slaughterhouse, is optimistic: "We started this initiative in Pará and I'm sure it will be possible to replicate it in other states. Our expectation is to achieve greater added value for these products, not least to motivate more producers to adopt this program." We believe that our approach can be a model for the whole of Brazil, boosting not only sustainability, but also the appreciation of products.

National Technology for a Global Impact on Livestock

The platform has a blockchain system that allows the supply of information about the animals, such as their origin, diet and slaughter. In this way, the supply chain can access all the data on the raw materials that will eventually reach consumers as products with one click.

Thiago Witzler, director of SBCERT's Animal Department, highlights the importance of the national protocol, technology and methodology: "The international market needs a guarantee from a third party. Because producers giving this certificate doesn't generate that trust. Now a certifier accredited by Mapa (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply) and trained in national and international auditing standards allows them to audit and verify processes to global standards."

Jordan Timo Carvalho, director of Niceplanet Geotecnologia, concludes: "The protocol, technology and methodology are national. So everything we use is Brazilian. Our project can be replicated in any state in Brazil and in any breeding system without any problem."

Durli Leathers at the Forefront of Individual Traceability: Leader in the Leather Industry

With over 60 years of history, Durli Leathers is recognized for its excellence and tradition in the leather industry. We are a global supplier of high-quality wet blue and crust for the automotive, furniture and footwear industries.

We operate nine industrial units, certified LWG Gold, producing more than 20,000 skins a day and exporting to the main markets in Asia, Europe and the United States.

We are committed to constant investment in research and innovation, leading the way in traceability and sustainability issues in the leather chain. Join us on this journey towards a sustainable and ethical future.

Find out more on our Traceability page.

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Durli Leathers

The company, with over 60 years of history, is recognized for its excellence and tradition in the leather industry. It operates as a global supplier of high quality wet blue, crust and finished leather for the automotive, furniture and footwear sectors.

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