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Wet Blue

In the process of transforming natural leather into noble leather, experience leads to perfection

Durli Leathers has been operating in the Brazilian wet blue market for 63 years, and its constant improvement culminates in its excellence

Whole, integral or split hides with selection criteria and international quality to be processed by the customer according to their application needs, whether for the automotive, upholstery, footwear or artifact sectors.

The first crucial stage in the process of transforming skin into leather is the wet-blue stage. In this initial stage, the raw material is transformed into a durable and immediately marketable product. The highly trained staff at Durli Leathers, combined with modern processes, devote the utmost attention to each piece, from cutting to tanning. The very creation of the wet blue is designed to provide durability and serve as a solid foundation for subsequent stages.

The excellence of wet blue leather transcends its final classification. Over six decades of production, Durli Leathers has continually refined its processes, focusing on constant improvement. This commitment results in less waste, greater efficiency and the guarantee that Durli leathers will always be synonymous with excellence and quality.

As a success story in Wet Blue tanning in Brazil, Durli Leathers also stands out for its strategic geographical distribution, with units located close to large herds and first-rate slaughterhouse plants.

In addition to the ability to meet large demands and maintain stable quality standards for large volumes, Durli Leathers works carefully to meet the contracted schedule on time, with accurate and reliable metering. This approach is part of our culture and principles.

Our products are produced according to strict quality criteria, sustainability and complete traceability, with LWG Gold certification, which audits and assesses compliance and performance.

LWG Gold Durli Leathers

Types of Wet Blue Durli Leathers

Wet Blue Full Substance Leather

High quality specifications and grades
Automotive and Furniture: TR1, TR2, TR3, TR4 and Eco
Footwear and Artifacts: ABCDE grades

Wet Blue Splitted
Whole or Half

Automotive and Furniture: TR1, TR2, TR3, TR4 and Eco
Footwear and Artifacts: Classes ABCDE
Customized thicknesses

Wet Blue Drops Splits

Typified for various applications

Durli Leathers provides its customers with tanning standards that make processes easier, saving time and generating exponential value. These facilities come from the delivery of standardized batches that allow quality and its benefits to be incorporated into each client's subsequent processes and products.

Benefits of Wet Blue Leather Durli Leathers

Consistency / High Quality Standards

Large Volumes

Versatility - all segments with quality

Punctuality of shipments

Security of Supply

Standardized and Reliable Measurement

Leather Traceability Icon

Complete and Individual Traceability

Wet Blue benefits Durli Leathers

Responsible Sourcing of Raw Materials Monitored

Produced with Respect for the Environment and ESG Criteria

Produced with Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Produced with efficient use of water and energy

100% of Effluents and Waste Treated

LWG, ISO 9001, IATF 16949 certifications being implemented

The excellence of Wet Blue's tanning quality results in the quality of the following phases. The semi-finished and finished products achieve incomparable superiority on our customers' production lines.

Wet Blue a Crucial Stage

The Wet Blue leather tanning process is a crucial stage in leather production.

The term 'Wet Blue' refers to the state of leather after tanning, characterized by moisture and the bluish hue acquired during the process. At Durlicouros, we apply over 60 years of tradition, know-how, and cutting-edge technology in this essential process to transform raw hides into durable, versatile materials that create value for our customers.

Preparation of the leather

The Wet Blue leather process begins with the meticulous preparation of the natural leather, which comes from responsible, traceable and sustainable sources. We work with 100% green hides that undergo various procedures to make them suitable for tanning. Cleaning and the removal of impurities are fundamental stages at this stage.

Tanning for a Variety of Applications

The heart of the process is the tanning stage itself. At Durli Leathers, the raw hides are treated with specific formulations to stabilize the collagen fibres in the skin. This treatment makes the leather water-resistant and gives it stability, ensuring its long-term preservation. The result is a robust and versatile material for use in a variety of applications.

Division and Classification

After the tanning process, the leathers go through a division and classification phase. At this stage, they are divided according to thickness, quality and intended use. This classification makes it possible to direct the leathers to different applications within the compliance objectives, from upholstery for furniture and automobiles to the production of leathers for footwear and artifacts.

Inspection and Quality

Quality is the subject of constant attention at Durli Leathers. We start with the traceability and monitoring of all raw materials, right from the farm of birth, so that farms and slaughterhouses comply with socio-environmental criteria.

It's worth highlighting that we only buy leather from areas that are socio-environmentally compliant.

The strong commitment to quality continues with controls on Wet Blue tanning processes at all Durli Leathers units in Brazil and Paraguay. The leathers undergo rigorous inspections to ensure that they meet high quality standards, guaranteeing that the products with the contracted characteristics are delivered to customers, for the success of their business.

Logistics and Distribution

After final inspection and quality approval, the Wet Blue leathers are carefully packed and prepared for distribution. Intelligent readers read the numerical codes marked on each leather, making it possible to trace each piece by pallet. This stage is crucial to ensure that the products reach customers in perfect condition, ready to be transformed into a wide range of end products and with all the information accessible.

End-to-end transparency

Each pallet receives a QR Code with all the information on its composition, leather by leather, with details of the respective animals, the origin of the farm, the slaughterhouse, the processes in the tannery, with traceability from start to finish and data on socio-environmental compliance. The end customer has access to each leather's UniCode and Invoice number and can access all the information. In this way, they can identify the origin of the leather they have received and the transparency of all our processes.

Regulations and Responsibilities

The leather tanning process is subject to strict regulations. Durli Leathers is firmly committed to these regulations to guarantee the safety of the workers involved in the process, environmental compliance and sustainability practices. 

LWG Gold Durli Leathers

We are ranked gold in the LWG(Leather Working Group) certification in all our production units. The LWG is a non-profit organization dedicated to driving excellence in the leather industry, minimizing the environmental impact of production and challenging industries to improve through a set of tools, practices and ESG certification.

Leather, the sustainable option

As members of Leather Naturally, a renowned global association, we demonstrate to the world that responsibly produced leather is a valuable alternative to petroleum-based products.

Leather from Durli Leathers is an important renewable material, produced using efficient and modern processing techniques. Opting for sustainable manufactured leathers supports a continuous effort and the development of best practices, contributing to the maintenance of a circular economy.

Leather Naturally Member Durli Leathers

Raising awareness, promoting and using leather sustainably.

Production with Sustainable Practices and ESG Criteria

It's worth mentioning that in the ESG acronym, the E refers to the environment. We are constantly working on the responsible and efficient use of water and energy, gas emission controls, and the treatment and disposal of waste and effluents.

Efficient use of water and energy

In recent years, Durli Leathers has reduced the volume of water used in industrial processes by 80% per skin produced. This has become a reality thanks to strategic decisions and heavy investment in innovation, equipment and new processes.

With multi-action drums with shovels, there have been 25% gains in energy efficiency.

Investments in effluent treatment have generated gains of 30% in energy consumption. Simple actions such as replacing incandescent light bulbs with LEDs and the use of transparent roof tiles still contribute to the gains and the consolidation of our culture of environmental responsibility.

Reducing Gas Emissions

Emissions monitoring and analysis are also part of our routine.

New track systems reduce the flow of forklifts, diesel consumption and consequent CO2 emissions.

Waste Reduction and Effluent Treatment

100% of waste is treated and properly disposed of in accordance with national and international standards.

100% of effluents are treated and properly disposed of in water bodies in compliance with the strictest national and international standards.

Management and continuous monitoring of processes with audited and certified results.

The Wet Blue leather tanning process is an example of how raw materials are transformed into high-quality products. From the preparation of the raw leather to packaging and distribution, each stage is carefully monitored so that Wet Blue leather from Durli Leathers meets the standards of each client, with safety, efficiency and sustainability practices.

Turn your vision into reality with Durli's high-quality Wet Blue leather.

We are ready to meet your specific needs within strict quality standards and large volumes. 

Guarantee exceptional products with a safe and reliable supply, in the quality that makes your product shine.

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