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Commitment from source to delivery

Durli Leathers: with 63 years of innovation, high quality is a reflection of our solid tradition!

How we guarantee excellence

Supplying bovine hides with a complete standard of quality and stability, with certified footage, even in large volumes, favors consistency of quality in subsequent processes, cost reduction and enhancement of the final product.

Sustainable production process, with respect for natural resources and ESG
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Individual traceability from the farm of birth, production to delivery
Icon Modern Equipment
Modern equipment, advanced procedures and skilled labor
Experienced management team with extensive experience in the leather market
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Technological know-how in leather production
icon Technological Investment
Constant investment in technology and updating the industrial park
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The partnership with suppliers develops quality from the raw material upwards
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Strategic position of our units in major agricultural hubs
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Own transportation of raw materials ensures safe and fast delivery
Who we are

In 1960 there were three brothers

and a dream

The Durli family's story is based on solid foundations that have been sewn by hand, with a lot of hard work, by the skillful and enterprising hands of brothers Jandyr, Olímpio and Egídio Durli since the 1960s.

Our leather is part of a story that involves commitment, determination and hard work, and today it speaks for itself.

Today, under the reinforcement of its second generation and the imminent arrival of its third, Durli Leathers has 8 units in Brazil and 1 in Paraguay. We are a strong, modern company that has written its own chapters in the history of world leather with tradition and high quality.

Durli Leathers History
Segments we serve

Our leather, your way

From luxury to utility, the high standard of our leathers allows us to serve the most diverse and demanding industries around the world.

With our high-quality leathers, the needs of the automotive, furniture, footwear and artifact segments are met with excellence, allowing creativity to be the main driving force behind their applications.

Our Products

Leather of Excellence

Wet Blue, Semi-finished or Finished Durli Leathers, our final product is unique, the result of our tradition, skill and technology in the perfect combination of science and the art of tanning.

Complete Traceability and Compliance Durli Leathers
End-to-end transparency

By following our Responsible Purchasing Policy, we only buy leather from areas in Social and Environmental Compliance. Since 2010, we have been carrying out satellite geomonitoring of our supplying slaughterhouses and direct and indirect farms from birth, guaranteeing the responsible sourcing of raw materials.

In addition to monitoring, the product's Individual Traceability is done through an alphanumeric code marked leather by leather, which includes information on the respective animal, the origin of the farm, the slaughterhouse, the processes in the tannery, with traceability from start to finish and environmental compliance data.

This way, by accessing the code, you can identify the origin of the leather you bought from Durli Leathers and the transparency of all our processes.

Add value to your products with Durli tracked leathers.

Wet Blue cut out
ESG and Sustainability

With sustainability practices, leather is the material of the future

As opposed to disposable materials, leather offers greater resistance and durability and also provides society with a truly sustainable consumption option.

It is a high value-added product, coming from a by-product of the protein and dairy industry, which if discarded in nature would cause serious environmental and health problems. In this context, the leather industry contributes to the valuable disposal of this by-product.

Durli Leathers focuses on producing leather with responsibility, sustainability and high quality. Procedures and actions for sustainability are also present in our processes, which respect specific and strict environmental standards.

As well as being noble, natural and versatile, our leathers respect the environment and contribute to the social development of the communities in which we operate.

This is how we work with socio-environmental and corporate governance practices, in line with the best ESG practices, in search of high efficiency and mitigation of impacts when adding value to our clients' end products.

Global certifications

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability Recognized by Certification

 More than just complying with legislation, we are evaluated by nationally and globally respected organizations, further ensuring the credibility of our certifications that attest to our efforts towards an intelligent and increasingly sustainable industry.

LWG Gold Durli Leathers
ISO 9001 Durli Leathers

We are also part of initiatives aimed at raising awareness, promoting and using leather sustainably.

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