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Durli Group

Transformative Integration: The Diversification of Durli Leathers in Agribusiness Chains

63 Years of Excellence, Sustainability and Innovation

From Pioneering Vision to Reference in the Leather and Related Products Industry

Durli Leathers was born out of the obstinacy and visionary outlook of three brothers who, in the 1960s, embarked on a mission to transform waste into a noble material: leather.

This transformative journey reverberated not only in the tanneries, but also in all spheres of the Durli family's activities, expanding into various areas related to leather production.

Today, Durli Leathers is the flagship of the Durli Group, leading a variety of ventures, from farms for growing and raising cattle to meatpacking plants, rendering plants, the collagen and gelatin industry, and transportation services. These businesses drive the company towards the future, always in line with the ethical principles and commitment inherited from the founders.

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Durli Group's Strategic Business for
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Durli Group  Meatpacker in Juruena/MT

The Durli Group's diversification strategy involves investing in farms for growing and raising cattle and beef packing plants, strengthening its participation in various links in the agribusiness chain.

Durli Group Rendering
The Durli Group holds significant stakes in rendering plants operated by production partners with extensive experience in the area, producing meat meal, blood meal and tallow. These inputs are crucial in the manufacture of animal feed, biodiesel, essential oils, soaps and cosmetics. Recycling cattle and poultry carcasses to produce these materials naturally complements the Durli Group's production chain, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability.
Durli Group and PB Leiner - Rendering

In 2022, the Durli Group took a step forward by investing in a partnership with PB Leiner Brasil, a global leader in the production of gelatin. This natural, recycled and supremely versatile ingredient serves a growing market in the food, pharmaceutical, health, nutrition and technical applications sectors. By recycling waste from related industries, the Durli Group maximizes the use of resources, contributing to the circular economy in a more sustainable approach.

Durli Logistics
Founded in 2009, Durli Logistics is an extension of the Durli Group's commitment to excellence. Our focus on deadlines and agility are part of our recipe for quality and customer loyalty, solidifying our position as a benchmark in the sector.

Commitment to the Future

At Durli Leathers and the Durli Group, constant research into innovations guides our journey towards a more sustainable future. We are committed to implementing pioneering practices that not only improve our efficiency, but also reduce our environmental impact. Our initiatives include:

Complete and individual traceability, with end-to-end transparency.

Tanning and retanning systems for the production of biodegradable leather, with a minimal environmental footprint.

Use of chemical products free of chromium, aldehydes and metals in part of production.

Adoption of processes based on biology and plants.

Development of innovative bioproducts, such as gelatin and cosmetics, derived from by-products of our processes, contributing to a circular economy.

Use of local waste as tanning agents, consolidating our commitment to sustainability and the use of resources available in our region.

Complete and individual traceability, with end-to-end transparency.

By integrating these innovative practices into our daily operations, we are shaping a path for the industry that not only responds to the demands of the present, but also builds a sustainable legacy for future generations. We continue to lead the way, incorporating environmental responsibility into every stage of our production process, because we believe that sustainable innovation is the key to a prosperous and balanced future.

In short, the Durli Group not only represents a rich and enduring history, but also continues to shape the future with innovation, sustainability and unwavering commitment. We are ready for the challenges ahead, maintaining our tradition of quality and contributing to a more sustainable and ethical world.