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10 Units Durli Leathers: Continuous Growth

With decades of history, Durli is growing and creating new opportunities.
Get to know our production units Durli Leathers .

Units Durli Leathers
A Trail of Achievements

With 10 production units in 8 Brazilian states, Paraguay and Mexico, Durli is a global supplier of leather for the automotive, furniture, footwear and artifacts markets. With LWG Gold, ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certifications, it also has qualified professionals dedicated to the noble craft of extracting its most refined essence from the raw material.

Durli Map in Brazil, Mexico and Paraguay

Matrix Durli Leathers - São José dos Pinhais-PR

Durli Leathers Headquarters in São José dos Pinhais - Paraná

São José dos Pinhais - Paraná
Rodovia BR 376, nº 26915-A - KM 627 - Campo Largo da Roseira, CEP 83090-360
Contact: + 55 (41) 3306-1300
Start of Activities: 2011
Distribution Center
Capacity: 3 thousand hides/day
Type of Leather: Crust Leather - Semi-Finished

Erechim-RS Unit

Unit Durli Leathers Erechim - Rio Grande do Sul

Erechim - Rio Grande do Sul
Rua Daniel Durli, 152 - Três Vendas - CEP 99700-000
Contact: + 55 (54) 3520-2300
Start of Activity: 1960
Capacity: 3,000 hides/day
Types of Leather: Crust Leather - Semi-Finished and Finished

Campo Grande-MS Unit *Joint Venture

Campo Grande-MS Unit

Campo Grande - Mato Grosso do Sul
BR 060 Km 362, Zona Rural, CEP 79.008-970
Contact: +55 (67) 3373-4242
Start of Management Durli Leathers: 2022
Capacity: 3,000 hides/day
Types of Leather: Wet Blue and Semi-finished

Cuiabá-MT Unit

Unit Durli Leathers Cuiabá - Mato Grosso

Cuiabá - Mato Grosso
Rodovia BR 364, Km 382 - Distrito Industrial, CEP 78088-800 - Cx Postal: 3021
Contact: + 55 (65) 2121-1200
Start of Activities: 2000
Capacity: 4,000 hides/day
Type of Leather: Wet Blue

Presidente Médici-RO Unit *Joint Venture

LWG Gold Durli Leathers
Unit Durli Leathers - Presidente Médici - Rondônia

Presidente Médici - Rondônia
Rodovia Br 364, Km 20, S/N
Contact: + 55 (69) 3256-3549
Type of Leather: Wet Blue
* This plant is a joint venture

Wanderlândia-TO Unit

Unit Durli Leathers Wanderlândia - Tocantins

Wanderlândia - Tocantins
Rodovia BR 153, KM 127 - Zona Rural - CEP 77860-000
Contact: 0800 449-1017
Start of Activities: 2009
Capacity: 3,000 hides/day
Type of Leather: Wet Blue

Santa Teresinha-BA Unit

Unit Durli Leathers Santa Teresinha Bahia

Santa Teresinha - Bahia
Rodovia BR 116, km 498 - Santa Terezinha - CEP 44.590-000
Start of Activities: 2021
Capacity: 3,500 hides/day
Type of Leather: Wet Blue

Xinguara-PA Unit

Unit Durli Leathers Xinguara-Pará

Xinguara - Pará
Gleba Andorinha, Lote 1, Zona Rural, CEP 68555-340
Contact: 0800 740-4720
Start of Activities: 2004
Capacity: 5,000 hides/day
Type of Leather: Wet Blue

Paraguarí-PY Unit

Unit Durli Leathers Paraguay-PY

Paraguay - PY
Ruta 01, km 79, Paraguarí, Paraguay
Contact: 595+ 0213388713
Start of Activity: 2018
Capacity: 3,000 hides/day
Type of Leather: Wet Blue

León-GTO-Mexico Unit

Durli Leathers Mexico Unit

León - Guanajuato - Mexico
Blvd. Timoteo Lozano 1520 Pte.
Industrial Pamplona
Contact: +52 477 778 16 66
Start of business: 2024
Capacity: 4,500 hides/day
Type of leather: Automotive Crust Leather

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Excellence without Borders

From Asia to the United States, with stops in Europe, our leather crosses the globe to meet the high standards of our customers and their end consumers.

Those looking for quality leather will find our brand, Durli Leathers!

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