Commitment to the future

Durlicouros's mission is the conscious use of natural resources. Understand our role as a sustainable industry for this and the next generations

The Future We Want

Our mission goes beyond speech. Therefore, all stages of our production are constantly rethought in favor of a better world


Durlicouros and partners do not agree with deforestation


up to 50% of water is reused


the company promotes sustainability and health actions

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Sustainability is part of our identity

Sustainability is part of our identity

Tanneries are major recycling industries. We work with the by-product of the slaughter industry. We started with a disposal material – which would create a major environmental problem – and we promoted it with our handcrafted touch and a lot of technology, in useful consumer items, luxury and design.

Since grading, we have been guided by sustainable attitudes such as the rigid traceability of products. This ensures, for example, that none of our hides come from deforested regions.

During the production process, sustainability is also present in the reuse of water, optimizing this precious natural resource.

And in this way, we are always rethinking our role as a company, investing in actions that promote socio-environmental responsibility in communities and partner companies.

For us, sustainability represents and guarantees the future we want. A future where conscious consumption is geared towards materials that are opposed to disposables, such as leather – natural, resistant and at the same time, noble!


When the origin and quality are stamped on the hides.

Traceability is the first step to meet the new demands of consumers around the world, which are becoming increasingly demanding as to the sustainable origin of the products they consume.

Durlicouros understands the socio-environmental aspect of its raw material, as an essential part of the formula for its excellence.

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Social Projects

Our best practices are not restricted to the quality of our leathers or the care we have for the environment. Durlicouros also promotes the development of the communities in which it operates.

Preserving the environment will always be our concern, but the urban environment that welcomes us is also essential.