From the matter to the essence!

We transform raw material in the noble and sophisticated essence of the most desire objects

Attention to the details

For us, since the raw material stage, leather is a unique product. And manipulate it, besides a craft, an art. Art we master from the beginning to the end.


Constant investment in professionals and technologies


Inner traceability of all leather pieces


Follow-up since triage


Concern for the environment and sustainable commitment


Own transport to ensure agility and safety


Constant investment in advanced technologies professionals

Wet Blue

It is in this tanning process that the hides, which look moist and bluish in color,
become preserved and resistant. Durlicouros was one of the firsts pioneers of the
production of Wet Blue leather in Brazil.

Partnerships built over the years allow us to monitor the TRACEABILITY process closely and have access to quality hides.

Through our volume and the strict control of our raw material, we always maintain the high standard of our leather.



“Crust” or semi-finished, is the result of the transformation of Wet Blue leather after retanning.

At this stage, leather already has a more defined characteristic and the treatment of color, softness and texture is carried out with modern techniques by highly trained professionals.

At Durlicouros, we work committed to the final order. In order for our leather to
exceed expectations, all details are meticulously aligned.


This product represents the last stage of leather industrialization. It is there that we deliver the material completely finished according to the particularities of each article and customer specifications.

Through our advanced logistics, including our own transport fleet, we guarantee
agility. Thus, leather goes to the industry where it will lend all its beauty, durability
and nobility to the most varied forms.

The process of making leather

Tanning stages

The leather tanning is a handmade tradition that has been used from genaration to generation.

Mixing ancient knowledge to  advanced equipment and techniques, Durlicouros has experience when it comes to convert brute leather to a noble, resistant and desire leather.

Our values are beliefs

In its history, Durlicouros has constantly invested in improving its socio environmental practices. Thus, we share with you these certificates that attest our efforts in favor of a smart and increasingly sustainable industry.