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High Quality Automotive Crust Leather (semi-finished) at Competitive Prices

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High Quality Automotive Crust Leather (semi-finished) at Competitive Prices

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LWG Gold Durli Leathers
ISO 9001 Durli Leathers
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IATF 16949 in progress

With stable, high-quality automotive crust leathers (semi-finished), large supply capacity and efficient logistics, Durli brings consistency to finished leather manufacturing processes with high yields, enables operational efficiency and faster, more planned production with reduced costs, respect for the environment and enhancement of the final product.


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Global supplier of Crust leathers

Durli is a global supplier of leathers for the automotive, furniture, footwear and artifacts markets, structured with 10 LWG Gold plants, ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 under implementation.

Durli Map in Brazil, Mexico and Paraguay

Durli Leathers Traceability and Total Compliance. 
End-to-end transparency

By following our Responsible Purchasing Policy, we only buy leather from areas in Social and Environmental Compliance. Since 2010, we have been carrying out satellite geomonitoring of our supplying slaughterhouses and direct and indirect farms from birth, guaranteeing the responsible sourcing of raw materials.

In addition to monitoring, the product's Individual Traceability is done through an alphanumeric code marked leather by leather, which includes information on the respective animal, the origin of the farm, the slaughterhouse, the processes in the tannery, with traceability from start to finish and environmental compliance data.

This way, by accessing the code, you can identify the origin of the leather you bought from Durli Leathers and the transparency of all our processes.

Add value to your products with Durli tracked leathers.

Durli leather differentials: Crust leather

Raw materials from suppliers that guarantee high quality with responsible traceable origination of each piece.

Details meticulously aligned with customer demands and production according to the particularities of each item and specifications.

Color, softness and texture treatment carried out using innovative and careful techniques by highly trained professionals.

Production of automotive crust leathers (semi-finished) with standardized formulations, inputs and products of excellence and high technology.

Strict quality control of products, processes and technical criteria, which guarantees uniform production of automotive crust leather.

Agile delivery through advanced logistics, with our own transport fleet and strategic plant locations.

Crust Automotive Leather - Semi-finished

Durli's automotive crust leather (semi-finished) allows for predictability, operational efficiency and flexibility in production with each customer's specific finish. It also provides greater control over the final characteristics of the products.

Durli automotive crust leather has high quality specifications and grades and comes from various raw material sources: Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and the United States , as well as new technologies such as Bio Leather, and offers the following benefits:

  • Consistent Quality Standards
  • Stability of Technical and Laboratory Attributes
  • Varied range of articles, thicknesses and colors
  • Standardized and Reliable Measurement
  • Cutting Yield
  • Kow-How Technical and State-of-the-Art Production
  • Consistent Volume within the Supply Deadline with On-Time Shipments

  • LWG, ISO 9001 certifications and , IATF 16949 being implemented

Experience an agile and reliable supply of automotive crut leathers with responsible origination and complete traceability

We are ready to meet your specific needs within strict quality standards and large volumes. 

Guarantee exceptional products with a safe and reliable supply.

The experience is personalized, with simplification of the process, monitoring of the necessary documentation and easier management with individualized service and support for the buyer.

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